Radiograph Policy

We base our decision to take radiographs (x-rays) on the recommendations of the ADA and standard of care as defined in Florida and the United States. Radiographs are the only way to diagnose bone loss, cavities between teeth and root tip infections that require endodontic (root canal) treatment. Often we see small problems with radiographs and treat them before it becomes a more significant one. We use digital radiography which uses a much lower dose of radiation than the traditional film based systems. As a result we have significantly reduced the exposure to our patients. The digital system also allows us to magnify the images and see problems more clearly, aiding our ability to diagnose. All patients of Baylee Dental require a current full mouth series of radiographs. If you have a copy from your previous dentist they need to have been taken within the past three years and be of diagnostic quality. If the copy is blurred or of poor quality, a new set will be taken. It is Baylee Dental’s policy to do an annual exam on all patients. During this exam with the doctor a visual oral cancer exam, intraoral photos and necessary x-rays (bite-wings) may be taken to meet the standard of care.

Please allow additional time for this appointment. There is no law that requires x-rays to be taken at certain intervals. However, this is a standard of care issue and the dentist must ensure that she is meeting the minimum standards of performance in diagnosis and treatment.

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