Home Or In-Office Bleaching - Why Should I Whiten My Teeth?


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  What is tooth whitening?

A: It is the process of bleaching your teeth in order to make them appear whiter.  Teeth whitening can be done a home or by a dental office.  Teeth whitening is a purely cosmetic procedure, done to enhance your smile.

Q:  How do teeth get yellow in the first place?

A: Many factors cause teeth to look dingy or discolored.  Smoking with by products of tar and nicotine leaves unsightly brown stains.  Beverages such as tea, coffee and wine will have the same effect over time.  Teeth can naturally be a darker shade than desired due to heredity.  Wearing braces or other metal apparatuses for extended periods of time will discolor enamel.

Q: How white is white?

A: Teeth color is measured in shades.  Although there is no way to guarantee a specific shade, your dentist can compare the color of your teeth to a shade chart to measure the color improvement after your whitening procedure.

Q: Does teeth whitening hurt?

A: While teeth whitening is designed to minimize sensitivity, side effects are still possible.  They vary from person-to-person, just like results do.  Generally, they are mild, temporary and be controlled with a special toothpaste.

Q: What's the difference between In-Office procedures and the whitening I can do at home?

A:  Both the In-Office and Take Home Kits use a gel  a much stronger concentration of peroxide than purchased in stores.  This specially formulated gel along with a special light actually bleach the enamel from the inside out.  A protective gel is first applies to gum tissues to protect the gum tissue against irritation.  Then the bleaching agent is applied to the teeth.  A special light can be used to enhance the chemicals in the bleaching formula and sometimes improve results.  The process takes 30 minutes to 1 hour.  In-Office procedures provide the quickest and best results.  The In-Office whitening also comes with personal trays and gel to continue your whitening at home.  The Take Home Kit comes with personal trays and professional strength gel.  The process take about 30 minutes daily as needed.  The Professional Whitening Supreme Strips are also used daily for about 30 as needed.

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